See what reviewers are saying about the original self-published Charlatan:Preludes (Issues 1-3) trade:

Broken Frontier

“Charlatan is a classic “cosmic” spandex comic done by a talented duo with something original to offer the genre. I’ve never been happier to sit down with a book, and rarely has a story pleased my discerning critic self as much as it embarrassed it by pleasing my superhero-loving inner child. Preludes is a phenomenal start to a highly promising ongoing series of GNs.” – Dave Baxter, Broken Frontier


“From what I know, this is Gil Lawson’s first full-blown book. Obviously from his plot line, Gil is not a stranger at all to sci-fi/superhero stories. He tells a compelling story that gets the reader emotionally invested right off the bat . . . . Given Gil’s original purpose for this book was to create a book that adult readers will like but still be family-friendly, I can say whole-heartedly that he and his team have accomplished it. Hands down, this is a great book!” Grade A

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Comics Bulletin

“…a very entertaining book. Charlatan: Preludes has a nice combination of foreshadowing and drama, of good family connections, and real action and excitement. I want to see where the story goes.”
– Jason Sacks, Comics Bulletin

Project Fanboy

“Gil Lawson writes wonderfully. Like many of the titles I mentioned already, this is another one that gets that sense of wonder and fun that comics haven’t been in years. The big two spend a lot of time trying to one up their last “event” and each other’s “events”. They’ve long since strayed from the telling of fantastic (in the original ‘fantasy” related context, not the modern “really good” context) stories for their own sake. CHARLATAN recaptures that comic magic.”
– Sebastian Piccione, Project Fanboy